I was given two weeks to design a poster for Capitol Hill Block Party as a class project. By the end of the first week, I was to have a completed first draft ready for critique. Based on the feedback I recieved, I had one more week for any revisions. Documented here is my two week process for designing the poster and the elements within. Everything was created using pen and paper, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


To better understand the event and the audience, I researched as much as I could about Seattle's Capitol Hill Block Party. I watched videos, read reviews and looked at images and posters from previous years. I got a firsthand look at the audience as I attended school in Capitol Hill. From all this, I learned that the audience is young, diverse and creative. It's composed of people from vastly different backgrounds, many of whom are millennials.

When I researched the posters that had been created in the past for this event, I noticed a surprising lack of illustration. It only seemed fitting that I add hand-drawn elements to my own poster. I wanted it to feel genuine, friendly and as strange as Capitol Hill Itself.

This is where I got the idea to depict martians visiting Earth to attend the Block Party. I gathered images that resembled the look and feel that I wanted to achieve for this poster.


I began by designing the aliens that would feature in my poster. I made them using Adobe Illustrator, creating many different poses, sizes, colors and appearances that I could use throughout the design. I represented them as if they were partying in Capitol Hill.


I drew the background based on an image of an intersection located in Capitol Hill, Seattle. I made sure to leave plenty of space open for when I added in the aliens. To help draw attention to the bands and add a unique element to the background, I decided to display the lineup of artists within a beam of light coming out of a UFO above the city.

I utilized hierarchical scale to add texture and highlight the headlining artists, making them larger while the lesser-known bands were displayed a little bit smaller.


The first iteration went through a class-wide critique. The feedback I recieved was simple enough, as they were already sold on the concept. The strongest recommendation was that I should add summer clothes to the aliens to help represent their being at a party. It was also suggested that I display the event's title and dates by drawing them by hand for continuity.