Seattle-based nonprofit Heroes for the Homeless reaches out to hundreds of individuals in the King Country area, providing food, water, clothing, survival supplies, sleeping bags and hygiene kits to those without a place to call home. 

I was asked to design merchandise for them that would reflect the value they bring to the homeless community in Seattle.



Before I started actually designing anything, I needed to gain familiarity with their brand, their mission and their values. Every month, the amazing volunteers at Heroes for the Homeless conduct an outreach, where they bring food and supplies to hundreds of homeless people all around the Greater Seattle Area. In May of 2016, I was invided to join them.

The group that I went with visited "The Jungle", a large homeless colony underneath Interstate-5 in South Seattle. We provided friendly company to the community, as well as food, water and survival supplies. I got to see firsthand the impact that Heroes for the Homeless has here.


The design that I came up with focuses on the direct, measurable value that Heroes for the Homeless brings to the less fortunate. I decided to show what they've selflessly contributed to the homeless community by using a bold typeface and the color red to draw attention to the numbers and convey a deep level of impact that reflects their own. Because the graphic is text-based, it's very flexible and can be used across a wide variety of products.