This one-week project was formatted as a competition amongst my classmates to create the graphic for a new line of Scuttlebutt beers known as Mateo Loco. For their new design, Scuttlebutt wanted something that reflected their  current brand, but with a more vibrant and modern feel to it.




Before touching pencil to paper, I studied every graphic on Scuttlebutt's existing branded materials to get familiar with their design history. I also researched the labels used by their competitors to better understand the current graphic landscape of Seattle breweries in general.

From this research, I found most of Scuttlebutt's designs to be very illustrative and old-fashioned, using fine lines and a palette of only one or two colors. I knew that my the design should be bright and high-energy to enhance the "loco" feel, so my first iteration included many different colors. I soon realized the effect would be better conveyed with a minimal color scheme.



The primary graphic is one I created as a simple representation of Mateo Loco, or Crazy Matt. I chose to use red as the main color due to the energy and vibrancy it conveys. The bold, structured typeface adds a level of impact to the design. The minimal design works well for almost any branding material you could find at a brewery, including cups, coasters, napkins and posters.