Worms is a hand-drawn animation I created over the span of six weeks for a self-led class. Its purpose is to refine my skills as an illustrator and animator, while exploring various abstract transformations of shapes and colors.



First, I gathered images from various cartoons and graphics that inspired me to create an animation myself. The look I had hoped to achieve was a trippy one; many colors, shape transformations and organic life. Through referencing this mood board, I was able to create exactly the feel I intended.


After sketching out multiple concepts and narrowing them down, I began the illustration process. I drew each frame by hand (450 in total), adding subtle variations from frame-to-frame to create smooth transitions between objects. I used 50 sheets of tracing paper, thereby drawing my frames in sets of 50. When I got through each set, I simply utilized empty space on the paper for the next one.


I scanned the pieces of tracing paper onto my computer and opened them in Adobe Illustrator. From there, I added color to each frame, allowing me to create various color transformations to accomplish the psychedelic effect. I broke them up into individual layers to handle each frame more precisely.